News Letter of the week!!!


Hey Everyone I have switched the usual news letter of the day to ,News letter of the week So with out further ado it was new years 5 days ago and it was exploding with excitment all over the island, there has been lots of Extra laughs and hollars this week especially because the Christmas tournament was this wee and it was amazing the teams that one were Travis,Derrick,Brion,Brian,Chiig,And Clarence one that tournament as a team the were on fire in the final period,and even went into overtime which was even more exciting.

Also we are having some meetings this week about our atikocan exchange to ontario it will be very exciting having this opportunity is exhilarating for the young adults that get to go,and for the students from ontario that will come here we will welcome them with open arms and show them how we live and how we celebrate are culture and what activities we do on this little island we live on. 🙂






and to give thanks to:Dayrn, Brown

speech language pathologist , is in the news letter of the week to give recognition and thanks to Ms Brown for her excellent work in our school.

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